3 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs A Learning Culture

Organization Needs A Learning Culture

Organisation cultures have seen a radical shift from the days of the Industrial Revolution to the modern age. Earlier the focus was on maximising production where the employees would use their skills to work for their employers, and the employees would get paid in return. Technology and other productivity tools have impacted workplace culture to a great extent. The focus has shifted from employment to employability and acquisition of relevant skills that has created has caused a great deal of focus on learning.

A learning culture is formed by a group of focused individuals who are always working towards developing new policies, ideas and learning ethics to educate employees and increase productivity, in turn benefitting the organization. Today, to keep up with the times, it’s extremely essential for every organization to have a functioning learning culture. After all, at no point in life should any human stop learning. If you’re still not convinced, these reasons just might make you reconsider.

A Great Tool To Retain Employees

Here’s a conversation we once came across that will definitely strike a chord.
A CEO once asked his HR associate, “What if we put all this money and effort into training our employees and they leave?”
The HR replied, “What if we don’t and they stay?
Well? Ever thought of that? We agree your workforce is commendable and they might have passed the mightiest of interviews just to get in your organization, but lets face it, the knowledge they already possess is going to dwindle with time. In that case, learning culture is the only answer to keep your employees up-to-date with the latest happenings in your respective industry. And the fact that your employees are learning something new and are being productive is enough reason for themto stick around, isn’t it?

Knowledge Grows When Shared

The inherent knowledge of the processes that each individual has needs to brought out in the open for the benefit of the organisation. Use of technology to create knowledge repository is very useful for the existing and future generation of employees. A major chunk of your business success depends on your employees’ effectiveness, so why not share your world of knowledge with them? Having a work culture and sharing your knowledge with your employees will only work in your favour. Besides, you never know, even you might get to learn a thing or two from your employees.

Learning Helps Innovation, & Innovation Is The Need Of The Hour

Every organization needs to evolve and transform itself for the future. Doesn’t matter which industry your business belongs to. Innovation is crucial to keep up with the times. It’s a known fact that learning is the catalyst of innovation. A learning culture will educate your employees and turn their curious minds into productive ones that will most certainly benefit them, enhance the working environment, and bring more benefits to the organization.

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3 Reasons Why HR Audits Are Essential For Your Organization

HR Audits

We already know that there’s more to human resources than just hiring. After all, the responsibility of your entire workforce depends on the HR department, and that certainly is a BIG deal. Human Resources are the real heroes of the organization who are responsible for employee’s well-being. And it’s only fair that the human resources department’s well-being is also taken care of for them to do their job effectively.
That is when HR audits come into the picture. A Human Resources audit is a comprehensive examination of the HR department and their functions. Everything from recruitment, appraisals, exit interviews and more are analyzed, reviewed within the framework of the current HR policies and then the HR Audit process recommends where the department needs to improve.
Today, thousands of companies depend on HR audits for steady growth. Here are three reasons why you should start considering it too.

Helps The HR Department Work More Efficiently
No doubt the HR department knows what they are supposed to do, but certain policies grow outdated very often, especially after a period of major success in an organization. Pay related policies and the like can get easily obsolete due to small or massive shifts in the external environment and organisational performance. Also there are always chances that the employees find their way around the rules and start taking advantage of the company policies. HR audit helps the department analyze these issues and also provides answers to avoid them effectively.

Helps HRs Focus On Bigger Problems At Hand
The HR department is responsible for transactional as well as transformational activities. Transactional activities include record-keeping, documentation and other routine jobs. Transformational activities on the other hand include ground-breaking insights about employee performances, change management , identifying the bigger problems in the organization that inhibit employee performance and finding solutions. HR audits help identify opportunities for big transformations that will help the organization in the long-run by making it agile and adaptable. The HR department will spend more time fixing the more important issues rather than concentrating too only on dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

Important For Big & Small Companies Alike
If you think that HR audits should be conducted only by giant corporates, you’re mistaken. Today, even the smallest of start-ups need to conduct an annual HR audit.
Why it is important for the small companies to conduct an HR audit? Here’s why.

Small companies cannot afford expensive HR professionals. For them, HR audits are useful in understanding and following employee policies, hiring processes and the like. A proper HR audit helps detect potential violations early and avoid stiff penalties that a start-up can ill afford.

An organization that really cares about its people is the one that makes sure that HR audits are regularly conducted. What’s your opinion?

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3 Types Of HR Service Providers To Look Out For On Chrozon

HR Service Providers

HR Service Providers to carry out either day-to-day HR activities or to take care of more important operations in a company is now an absolute necessity. Not every business can afford to hire an HR department, and so HR service providers come in handy. Nowadays there are multiple service providers available to choose from, but it’s not easy to pick out the right one according to your company’s needs. First, a business needs to understand what HR functions they need the most and then pick out a service provider that is committed to offer that particular service.

Here are 3 of the most important ones that you can find on Chrozon.

1. HR Consulting
Few businesses, especially the new ones need a lot of consulting and advice on serious company matters. Sometimes even the internal HR department in a company could use some help. That is when HR consulting firms come into the picture. HR consulting firms take up responsibilities like HR audits, conduct employee satisfaction surveys, help in judging and improving employee performance management and even help the company stand by their vision, mission and values. HR consulting firms take care of almost all HR responsibilities one can think of.

2. Leadership Development
Some HR service providers only concentrate on providing leadership development and helping improve employee performance. These HR service providers help in managing employees, train the seniors as well as the juniors for a company’s success with their special learning programs and help the company achieve its desired goals by making their employees and themselves more potent.

3. HR Technology
There are many businesses who have an internal HR department which looks after all the necessary activities. HR technology service providers are those who help this internal HR department stay up-to-date with the latest softwares and other trends in the HR world so that they, and in turn the business can function smoothly.

Apart from these three important types, there are recruitment, outsourcing and many other types of service providers that you can find on Chrozon and pick the one that suits your business need the best. Over 1000 HR service providers have already registered! You do not want to miss out on the vast portfolio of commendable HR services that are just waiting to help you make your business better!

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3 Types Of HR Service Providers To Look Out For On Chrozon – 2

3 Types Of HR Service Providers

Previously, we saw 3 important types of HR service providers that can make a lot of difference in a company. But there are more than just HR consulting firms, leadership development firms and HR technology firms that a business can choose from and enjoy the benefits. At Chrozon, we have ten different types of HR service providers registered so that you can choose from the wide range of options available.

Here are 3 types of HR service providers that can help you run your business better.

1. HR Outsourcing
Apart from the above two, there are also HR outsourcing firms who take care of various important factors that HRs are supposed to look after. But if a company does not have an HR department already, they can simply hire an HR outsourcing firm to do the job for them. Background verification, tax consulting, payroll services, onboarding and offboarding services and so much more is taken care.

2. Recruitment & Staffing
One of the most important job of an HR department, recruitment and staffing needs to be taken care of with diligent care. Especially if a company does not have an internal HR department, hiring a Recruitment and Staffing service provider is of utmost importance. They look after psychometric profiling, identify the manpower requirement of an organization and provide the same. They look up for the right employees a company needs and also are manpower consultants in times of need.

3. Rewards Management
While there are service providers who only concentrate on recruitment, there are also those who look after rewards management. These service providers handle compensation surveys, incentives management, compensation management and the like. They basically take care of all types of rewards a company offers its employees. From keeping track of the cost, to figuring out how much they can shell out from the budget for the rewards to calculating how many rewards and benefits an employee is worth, rewards management service providers look after it all.

Just head to Chrozon and find yourself the above three and many more types of HR service providers that will help you get ahead in your business.

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3 Benefits Of Hiring An HR Consultancy

Having a top notch HR consultant firm to guide a business is one of the most important factors in its success. The expertise these consultants have in choosing the right people is tremendous because they are connected to the entire HR community.

There are uncountable benefits of hiring HR consultants that can benefit a business. Since these consultants handle everything related to HR, one of the benefits is
that the internal HR department of an organization can totally rely on these consultants to bring in the best people that suit the job requirement. The best part about
them is that they’re just as connected with suitable candidates as much as they are with the HR universe out there. But here we will focus on the three extremely
important advantages that an organization has if they hire an HR consultant or an Hr consultancy firm.

The very first benefit the company enjoys is the expertise these consultants have to offer. Years of experience and contacts with the right people helps them judge
people the right way and place them where they can play a role perfectly. There are many small companies who do not have an HR department; to them these consultants
come as a blessing in disguise since they can help the organization function better with their expert advice on day-to-day operations. For the bigger companies who
have an HR department in place, these experts offer valuable advice on employee retention and tips to increase productivity. It’s a win-win for everyone. HR
consultants in Mumbai offer all kinds of relevant services, plus a company can customize and choose the services they want from these consultants. The second and the
most obvious benefit is quality recruitment. While these HR consultants might not personally conduct interviews and or post job advertisements, they certainly can
advise organizations on how to attract quality applicants for the position an organization is offering. Small agencies may not have the bandwidth to have ineffective
hiring strategies, and in that case having a commendable or even the best HR consultancy is the most suitable option to get the recruitment process right.
The third and one of the most important benefits is outsourcing. While many consultants might not actually take up the outsourcing bit for an organization like
processing payroll but they can conduct an in-depth study of how the organization works and churn out an analysis that decides whether they need to hire an outsource
provider and also suggest which one would be the best according to the organization’s needs.

There are many other benefits of hiring HR consultants like litigation, strategy development and more and the best of them are all registered on Chrozon. Whether one’s
looking for a commendable HR consultant or even top job consultants in Mumbai, all they have to do is head over to chrozon.com and find the right HR consultant or
service provider that can best serve their needs.

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About Author: An avid writer with a keen interest in the Human Resource management, Ketaki has years of expertise in the field and gives out commendable advice on everything related to HR, people and relationship management.

3 Questions To Ask While Hiring HR Solution Providers

– Finding ultimate HR solutions is not difficult anymore, all thanks to the many HR service providers available out there.

There are plenty of HR service providers out there today. In fact, there are various types of service providers too who are experts in understanding which particular HR-related service an organization needs the most and then offer those services to them. It’s not very difficult to find online hr solutions today but what might be difficult for organizations is to pick the right one basis their wants and needs. Since there are so many types available today, one might get confused. There are also chances of organizations not doing an in-depth study of the service providers before hiring them. That is why it is always important to ask these three vital questions before hiring any HR service provider.

The first question to ask is what kind of billing method the service providers use. Experts recommend that the best way of billing the service provider is having a retainer account instead of paying them on an hourly basis. This way, the hr solution providers tend to give nicer service as they treat the organization as a client and would want to keep a long-term relationship with them. The second question to ask is what services are included and what aren’t. It’s always good to be on the same page with the service provider so that there are no misunderstandings. Finding out which all the services are included is a must. From payroll to tax accounting, it is important for an organization to ask for the right services and then agree on a price before moving ahead. The final question to ask before signing on with the service provider is asking them about their retention rate with their already existing clients. This answer should be the defining point of whether an organization should or should not hire that particular HR service provider.

Apart from those three basic questions, there are many more that an organization needs to ask its service provider. A few more questions that need to be paid attention to before actually taking the decision to hire a service provider are whether they can assist with the audit, what makes them better than other service providers, how long they have been in business, how their benefits liabilities are funded, and so on and so forth. It’s always advisable to conduct a brief background check before hiring an HR service provider, since it is an important part of an organization’s functioning.

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How To Recognize & Hire The Right HR Service Providers

Today, empanelling HR service providers is a necessity, but hiring the right one for your organization is of utmost importance. If you’re not convinced, these three reasons just might change your mind. Take a look.

HR Service Providers

Outsourcing human resources responsibilities is something that’s become very common now. Before hiring one, it is important that professionals consider the fact that they become an extension of the company and represent the organization to their own employees as well as the outsiders. For that exact same reason, finding a reputed and experienced firm is very important. Finding a firm that works according to the company’s HR policies might be challenging. So here, we narrow down the different types of service providers you can outsource your HR responsibilities to according to your needs.

An HR Consulting firm takes up the entire human resource responsibility off of a company’s shoulders, including legal matters. If an organization has less than 100 employees, they should definitely hire an HR consulting firm since they do not have the funds to afford an internal HR staff and also because they provide ultimate hr solutions. HR Technology firms are service providers that only look after the technology of a company’s existing HR department. They make sure that the department is updated with the latest in HR trends and technology. Since it does not take up the entire HR responsibility, they are cost-effective. For those organizations who do not want to hand over a lot of their HR responsibilities, there are Rewards Management firms. They only provide the necessary software required for routine HR functions like payroll, benefits etc. Then there are also HR Associated Services that take care of everything that helps in the smooth functioning of an HR department. That includes employee communication, employee health services to even day-care and HR stationary. An organization can choose from any of these different types, but the important thing to keep in mind while HR outsourcing is to know exactly what services are required and then finding a firm that provides those services.

If an organization is uncertain about outsourcing all their HR responsibilities, they can go slow and outsource only certain parts of the HR’s responsibility like payroll and benefits. The HR community has been diversified in so many ways that it would be a shame if organizations did not take advantage of all the benefits outsourcing can bring them. Chrozon is India’s only online aggregator that has a comprehensive list of HR service providers registered with them. Finding the right one is very easy with a list of over 1000 service providers already registered on the website. Take a look at their website and you won’t have to look anywhere else.

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