5 Secrets To Employee Satisfaction Every HR Should Know

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The question isn’t about whether an organization should consider employee engagement and satisfaction, the question is how.

Today, in a world of endless startups and the MNC giants growing bigger than ever before, top skilled professionals have plenty of options to choose from. It is obvious that employees will choose a workplace where their talent and effort is appreciated. The appreciation of these employees can take any form. The most obvious ways to do that is giving them work perks, salary hikes or offering a promotion. But there’s a lot more that goes into keeping an employee engaged and satisfied.

Here are 5 of those tactics that will help you keep your employees happy, and in turn, the organization too.

Be Flexible
Employees work extremely hard to meet their goals. Today, it’s not just the creative industry but employees in almost every sector work late nights. It would give employees great relief if they are given a leeway in terms check-in time. After all, punctuality is important but nothing is more important than understanding your employees and giving them the freedom to work according to their comfort level.
It’s important that as HR professionals, we give them the freedom to express their views and ideas and also the power to make a change wherever they can. Everyone likes feeling important, so why not make your employees feel it?

Give Them An Opportunity To Learn & Grow
Along with giving them freedom, it’s important that your organization invests in a learning culture to keep the employees’ growing as professionals. It will benefit the organization and the employees too, and will keep them satisfied. Let them learn and give them the power to take a few decisions on their own. After all, nobody likes to be bossed around all the time.

Trust In Them
It’s important to put your trust in the employees; it’s a two way thing after all. Unless you trust your employees to make the right decisions, they will not trust you either. It’s important that the organization believes in the employees that are working so hard for them. Believe in them, support them, and they will be as loyal as ever.

Keep Revising The Reward & Recognition Policies
It’s important to be updated. The reward and recognition policies need to be revised time and again considering various factors. Because what worked 10 years ago, is definitely not going to work today, especially in the fast paced world we live in. It’s important to do research, discuss with the upper level management, brainstorm and come up with new policies frequently.

Treat Them Like Family, Not Colleagues
And last but certainly not the least; your employees spend most of their time away from their real families working for a living. And so, it’s important that they feel at home and have a good relationship with their colleagues. The HR professional in the organization should have the ability to be as stern as a parent and as approachable as a confidante whenever necessary. If the employees are comfortable with the people around them, then there’s just nothing like it!

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