3 Benefits Of Hiring An HR Consultancy

Having a top notch HR consultant firm to guide a business is one of the most important factors in its success. The expertise these consultants have in choosing the right people is tremendous because they are connected to the entire HR community.


There are uncountable benefits of hiring HR consultants that can benefit a business. Since these consultants handle everything related to HR, one of the benefits is
that the internal HR department of an organization can totally rely on these consultants to bring in the best people that suit the job requirement. The best part about
them is that they’re just as connected with suitable candidates as much as they are with the HR universe out there. But here we will focus on the three extremely
important advantages that an organization has if they hire an HR consultant or an Hr consultancy firm.

The very first benefit the company enjoys is the expertise these consultants have to offer. Years of experience and contacts with the right people helps them judge
people the right way and place them where they can play a role perfectly. There are many small companies who do not have an HR department; to them these consultants
come as a blessing in disguise since they can help the organization function better with their expert advice on day-to-day operations. For the bigger companies who
have an HR department in place, these experts offer valuable advice on employee retention and tips to increase productivity. It’s a win-win for everyone. HR
consultants in Mumbai offer all kinds of relevant services, plus a company can customize and choose the services they want from these consultants. The second and the
most obvious benefit is quality recruitment. While these HR consultants might not personally conduct interviews and or post job advertisements, they certainly can
advise organizations on how to attract quality applicants for the position an organization is offering. Small agencies may not have the bandwidth to have ineffective
hiring strategies, and in that case having a commendable or even the best HR consultancy is the most suitable option to get the recruitment process right.
The third and one of the most important benefits is outsourcing. While many consultants might not actually take up the outsourcing bit for an organization like
processing payroll but they can conduct an in-depth study of how the organization works and churn out an analysis that decides whether they need to hire an outsource
provider and also suggest which one would be the best according to the organization’s needs.

There are many other benefits of hiring HR consultants like litigation, strategy development and more and the best of them are all registered on Chrozon. Whether one’s
looking for a commendable HR consultant or even top job consultants in Mumbai, all they have to do is head over to chrozon.com and find the right HR consultant or
service provider that can best serve their needs.

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About Author: An avid writer with a keen interest in the Human Resource management, Ketaki has years of expertise in the field and gives out commendable advice on everything related to HR, people and relationship management.

3 Questions To Ask While Hiring HR Solution Providers

– Finding ultimate HR solutions is not difficult anymore, all thanks to the many HR service providers available out there.

There are plenty of HR service providers out there today. In fact, there are various types of service providers too who are experts in understanding which particular HR-related service an organization needs the most and then offer those services to them. It’s not very difficult to find online hr solutions today but what might be difficult for organizations is to pick the right one basis their wants and needs. Since there are so many types available today, one might get confused. There are also chances of organizations not doing an in-depth study of the service providers before hiring them. That is why it is always important to ask these three vital questions before hiring any HR service provider.

The first question to ask is what kind of billing method the service providers use. Experts recommend that the best way of billing the service provider is having a retainer account instead of paying them on an hourly basis. This way, the hr solution providers tend to give nicer service as they treat the organization as a client and would want to keep a long-term relationship with them. The second question to ask is what services are included and what aren’t. It’s always good to be on the same page with the service provider so that there are no misunderstandings. Finding out which all the services are included is a must. From payroll to tax accounting, it is important for an organization to ask for the right services and then agree on a price before moving ahead. The final question to ask before signing on with the service provider is asking them about their retention rate with their already existing clients. This answer should be the defining point of whether an organization should or should not hire that particular HR service provider.

Apart from those three basic questions, there are many more that an organization needs to ask its service provider. A few more questions that need to be paid attention to before actually taking the decision to hire a service provider are whether they can assist with the audit, what makes them better than other service providers, how long they have been in business, how their benefits liabilities are funded, and so on and so forth. It’s always advisable to conduct a brief background check before hiring an HR service provider, since it is an important part of an organization’s functioning.

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3 Ways To Connect and Discuss Effective Human Resource Management With The HR Fraternity

Today, trying to connect with HR peers for human resource planning is not a problem. But the availability of multiple platforms can cause a lot of confusion. So, here we narrow down the list to three best mediums to stay connected with the HR world.

In a world of multiple social media handles, endless bloggers and many service providers, it’s very easy to stay in touch, both for personal and professional reasons. The HR fraternity is however niche and is careful in choosing a platform to connect and discuss their interests. It’s important to find the relevant audience to connect with for strategic human resource management and more. There are many platforms one can choose from to do so. In the social media section we have many platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and more, but the best-suited platform for HR professionals to get in touch with like-minded professionals undoubtedly has to be Linkedin.

Linkedin was launched as a professional networking website and it’s no secret that it has helped many individuals connect with like-minded professionals, sometimes even secure a job. It is the best place for HR professionals to stay in touch and keep a track of what their peers have been up to. Linkedin has options to create and join groups where professionals can start discussions and even brainstorm. The platform is one of the best places where professionals can stay in touch and even develop world-class ideas being in each other’s connections. Another great way to start discussions, make new contacts and understand what’s happening in the HR industry is to follow popular HR bloggers. Their baffling knowledge about everything, from employee management system to even HR management system is always beneficial. Besides, interested professionals can always start discussions in the comments section of a particular blog. Ask questions, solve queries, discuss new ideas or even find a potential business partner. Anything is possible on the internet, after all. Last but not the least, there’s a new platform that has been taking the entire HR industry by storm.

Chrozon is India’s only online HR aggregator that helps professionals search for HR service providers, post specific requirements and even start discussions. Professionals can start discussions about the latest happenings in the industry, discuss new ideas, start conversations and connect with like-minded HR professionals. Apart from staying in touch with the entire HR fraternity, Chrozon also gives professionals a platform to look up for commendable HR service providers. It also gives them the luxury to post their specific requirements which is not generally provided by many. So, if HR professionals are looking to expand their social and professional circle, they know where to head.

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An avid blogger with a keen interest in Human Resource management and Leadership subjects, Ketaki has been writing about this field for quite some time now and is known for her expertise in handing out HR-related advice.


How To Recognize & Hire The Right HR Service Providers

Today, empanelling HR service providers is a necessity, but hiring the right one for your organization is of utmost importance. If you’re not convinced, these three reasons just might change your mind. Take a look.

HR Service Providers

Outsourcing human resources responsibilities is something that’s become very common now. Before hiring one, it is important that professionals consider the fact that they become an extension of the company and represent the organization to their own employees as well as the outsiders. For that exact same reason, finding a reputed and experienced firm is very important. Finding a firm that works according to the company’s HR policies might be challenging. So here, we narrow down the different types of service providers you can outsource your HR responsibilities to according to your needs.

An HR Consulting firm takes up the entire human resource responsibility off of a company’s shoulders, including legal matters. If an organization has less than 100 employees, they should definitely hire an HR consulting firm since they do not have the funds to afford an internal HR staff and also because they provide ultimate hr solutions. HR Technology firms are service providers that only look after the technology of a company’s existing HR department. They make sure that the department is updated with the latest in HR trends and technology. Since it does not take up the entire HR responsibility, they are cost-effective. For those organizations who do not want to hand over a lot of their HR responsibilities, there are Rewards Management firms. They only provide the necessary software required for routine HR functions like payroll, benefits etc. Then there are also HR Associated Services that take care of everything that helps in the smooth functioning of an HR department. That includes employee communication, employee health services to even day-care and HR stationary. An organization can choose from any of these different types, but the important thing to keep in mind while HR outsourcing is to know exactly what services are required and then finding a firm that provides those services.

If an organization is uncertain about outsourcing all their HR responsibilities, they can go slow and outsource only certain parts of the HR’s responsibility like payroll and benefits. The HR community has been diversified in so many ways that it would be a shame if organizations did not take advantage of all the benefits outsourcing can bring them. Chrozon is India’s only online aggregator that has a comprehensive list of HR service providers registered with them. Finding the right one is very easy with a list of over 1000 service providers already registered on the website. Take a look at their website and you won’t have to look anywhere else.

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3 Reasons Why Every Organization Needs HR Consulting

Many companies get by without the HR getting involved in the ‘searching for candidates’ bit, all thanks to the vast amount of HR consultants in Mumbai and India who help them get the right workforce. But is that all they do? Let’s find out.

Along with getting the right workforce for an organization, an HR consultancy looks after many other things too. From high-level support in administration, to presenting training sessions, to even job outlook and salary, these consultants are mostly hired by organizations that have the power and capital to invest in them. However, there are such benefits involved in hiring the services of one, that everyone should consider it for their organization. These three reasons just might convince you.

HR consulting goes a long way when an organization is looking at outsourcing. From payroll outsourcing to even benefits administration, you can count on these consultants to do the right thing. Besides, financially it is a great idea to get most of the HR-related work done from them and it also teaches a thing or two to the internal HR department about the organization. Not to mention the cost-cutting in case of HR penalties, since these consulting firms are the ones who bear them. For those organizations who are looking at expansion, HR consultants lend a helping hand in setting up human resource technology. They provide the technology, help organizations set it up, even train employees on its usage and also help with maintaining it if need be. Apart from being good placement consultants which is a necessity for HR consultants, they also help understand the workforce of an organization better and study employee satisfaction, fluctuations is employees’ behavioural patterns, and even gauge employee happiness with their skills of understanding employee behaviour. They are the best bet any organization can have in understanding the employees and working towards serving these employees better, which is important for every organization to suceed.

Apart from these three benefits, there are many more reasons why an organization should consider hiring an HR consultancy. Human capital management, setting up employee benefits are to name a few. Once a consultancy is shortlisted, an organization can rest assured about employee welfare and the HR department’s well-being. What is a challenge though is finding the right one that suits the organizations needs and style of working. Chrozon is your one-stop-shop to find one. An online portal that has the top job consultants  all over India, HR consultants, HR service providers and many more registered for companies to easily find them. Apart from searching for these service providers, this portal also helps individuals and organizations post specific requirements and connect with like-minded HR professionals from across the country.

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3 Things That Are Absolutely Necessary For Effective HR Management

Figuring out HR solutions is no piece of cake. There’s a lot that goes into doing a human resources job right, and these three things are a necessity for choosing the right HR professionals.

In our daily work lives the HR community has many responsibilities to shoulder. Training, recruiting, payroll management, handling administration, communication, counselling, employee engagement and the list is never-ending. There’s a lot we expect from the HR, and for them to deliver to this never-ending list of expectations, its necessary we look at these three things so that we can choose the right HR professionals, and they can do their jobs effectively.

Looking for the right HR service providers for your organization is a tough task. Today, there are thousands of commendable ones out there, and so, being able to search for all of them and then choosing the right one for you is important. An organization is always looking for new employees, so be it an HR, a higher-level manager, or the both together have taken the responsibility of hiring this new candidate. In order for them to connect with the right individual for the organization, they need to be able to find the right service provider and get in touch with them. Being able to post HR-specific requirements in that case is a lot of help. People in every field have their own sets of doubts, questions, or simply some wisdom to share, it is important that people from the HR industry connect and discuss about them so that every individual can grow as a person, and as a professional. Discussing HR policies, people culture and about current affairs is something every HR-related professional should do to get a gist of what’s happening in the bigger HR universe out there, and to stay in touch with their peers.

To conclude it all, searching for the right service providers, posting specific requirements, discussing and staying in touch with the HR world, all of this is what makes for commendable HR solutions. And Chrozon helps you do just that – an online aggregator that brings people from the HR industry together and helps them connect and find just what they’re looking for, effectively. Whether you’re looking for the right HR services, or simply looking for like-minded professionals to connect with, Chrozon is an online aggregator that helps you do it all.

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