3 tips to multitask for all the HR’s there!


There are several researches and studies on the concept of multitasking.  Out of the many I have known, most of them claim that multitasking is harmful and hence not advisable. It is said that it damages your brain, makes you less productive, reduces your ability to remember what you are doing and the list is endless. But let me tell you there are studies that show that if done in the right way, multitasking can be of help to get your work done.

Being in the field of HR I find myself multitasking almost all the time. Constant employee interactions along with database handling and reporting, I have come to realize that it is unavoidable to not multitask and completely focus on one task. Be it in the workplace or at home or elsewhere, I believe more or less this is the reality for almost all of us. The fact that we multitask in the first place is because it makes us feel good. We get that great feeling of fulfilment of getting things done at once.

And if you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you have to wear multiple hats and juggle between multiple essential tasks. So here are three simple tips to help you multitask with ease…

  1. Make a routine

One way you can multitask is by introducing some routine in your professional or person life.  Make a to-do-list and do it at the same way every day to create a habit. It will make it easier for you to do it efficiently even if you are not totally focused on it.

  1. Get rid of known distractions

It is said that we don’t really multitask but we switch between tasks. So the next time you decide to accomplish 3 tasks in a given time see to it that you do not allow a fourth unnecessary distraction to affect your productivity.

  1. Group compatible activities

If you have to do two things at a time then go with the right mix. It is advisable to do cognitive activities with physical ones that your brain can easily handle. For example while you go out to make a cup of tea for yourself you can attend a client call or while you go for a walk you can do critical thinking and conceptualising in your head.

So, if you’re a polychronic who performs better when doing lot of things at once or even someone who cannot avoid but multitask to get work done, try these simple tips to continue being productive while multitasking.

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