3 HR Lessons We’ve Learnt From FRIENDS

hr management

There’s something to learn from everything, yes, even from our most favourite TV show of all time! But then again, you might be thinking, how can a show like FRIENDS ever be related to a profession like Human Resources? You might think there’s no relation between the two but you’re mistaken. FRIENDS has given us many lessons about love, friendship and basically everything in life, and a show like that is perfectly capable of giving a lesson or two about your profession and job too, then why not HR?

So, here we present a few valuable HR lessons that the show FRIENDS has taught us.

1. Give A Chance To People Who Have The Guts To Do What They Really Want
For years Chandler stuck to a job he hated and what for? Just because he was good at it and made decent money out of it? A lot of us get stuck in this vicious cycle and it’s very difficult, after a certain point even impossible to get out of it. Chandler however, showed the guts to quit his job and chase his dream. In later seasons of the show Chandler quits his job and starts interning at an advertising agency because he discovered that’s where his true passion lies.
Now we know how important experience and qualification is on a resume, but we Hr professionals need to understand that there are many people out there who switch at a later stage in life and are extremely talented. We need to find the right way to access them and give the right ones their fair chance to do what they really like, just like Chandler did! You agree too, we owe it to them for their guts!

2. Handle Romantic Relationships At Work With Utmost Care
It’s best not to get into any romantic relationships at work. Remember how Rachel fell for her secretary? It all seemed hunky dory in the beginning but it ended rather brutally. Now we can’t help when, where, how we fall in love and with whom either. But what we can do, what Rachel didn’t is draw a line and maintain it. So whether it is you, or your employees that are romantically involved with a colleague, make sure you draw the line.

3. Don’t Scare Your Candidate In The Interview, Be Friendly
The episode where Chandler’s dialogue ‘but the interview was over’ was hilarious, wasn’t it? Well, it wouldn’t hurt to try something similar with your candidates too. Try to get to know them on a personal level rather than just taking a formal interview and getting it over with. Because you know they’re going to pretend to be nice, but if you try to be friendly and convince them certain things will be off the record, you’ll come to know who exactly the person is that you are interviewing and that’s when you’ll know if that is the person you’re looking for or not.

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