3 Ways To Connect and Discuss Effective Human Resource Management With The HR Fraternity

Today, trying to connect with HR peers for human resource planning is not a problem. But the availability of multiple platforms can cause a lot of confusion. So, here we narrow down the list to three best mediums to stay connected with the HR world.


In a world of multiple social media handles, endless bloggers and many service providers, it’s very easy to stay in touch, both for personal and professional reasons. The HR fraternity is however niche and is careful in choosing a platform to connect and discuss their interests. It’s important to find the relevant audience to connect with for strategic human resource management and more. There are many platforms one can choose from to do so. In the social media section we have many platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and more, but the best-suited platform for HR professionals to get in touch with like-minded professionals undoubtedly has to be Linkedin.

Linkedin was launched as a professional networking website and it’s no secret that it has helped many individuals connect with like-minded professionals, sometimes even secure a job. It is the best place for HR professionals to stay in touch and keep a track of what their peers have been up to. Linkedin has options to create and join groups where professionals can start discussions and even brainstorm. The platform is one of the best places where professionals can stay in touch and even develop world-class ideas being in each other’s connections. Another great way to start discussions, make new contacts and understand what’s happening in the HR industry is to follow popular HR bloggers. Their baffling knowledge about everything, from employee management system to even HR management system is always beneficial. Besides, interested professionals can always start discussions in the comments section of a particular blog. Ask questions, solve queries, discuss new ideas or even find a potential business partner. Anything is possible on the internet, after all. Last but not the least, there’s a new platform that has been taking the entire HR industry by storm.

Chrozon is India’s only online HR aggregator that helps professionals search for HR service providers, post specific requirements and even start discussions. Professionals can start discussions about the latest happenings in the industry, discuss new ideas, start conversations and connect with like-minded HR professionals. Apart from staying in touch with the entire HR fraternity, Chrozon also gives professionals a platform to look up for commendable HR service providers. It also gives them the luxury to post their specific requirements which is not generally provided by many. So, if HR professionals are looking to expand their social and professional circle, they know where to head.

Visit us at: https://chrozon.com/

About Author:

An avid blogger with a keen interest in Human Resource management and Leadership subjects, Ketaki has been writing about this field for quite some time now and is known for her expertise in handing out HR-related advice.


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